English european countries

english european countries

List of Official and Spoken Languages of European Countries. There are Europeans who have learned Spanish, French, German, English, or even Latin as a. In the developing world, English is less of a foreign language skill and And for small countries with few native-language speakers, it also. List of Countries, Languages, Inhabitants, Capitals in Europe - Learning English.

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Italian television is widely received in Malta and is highly popular. English is also commonly used on Cyprus to communicate with foreign visitors. Lists of countries by population statistics. Spain there are people who speak English, but less compared to the other countries I described. These zones are what are known as the Sovereign Base Areas or SBAs. Quoting ME AVN FAN Reply Quoting Flybyguy Reply 2: Italian television is widely received in Malta and is highly popular. However, English remains the sole official languageused by Government. In Dutch-speaking Flanders with cities like Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges. The most famous surviving work from Old English is Beowulfand from Middle English is Geoffrey Chaucer 's The Canterbury Tales. By the 20th century, Ireland had a soccer online history of diglossia. Quoting Braybuddy Reply 8: english european countries Mon Jun 13, 2: English as a first language is only spoken by , people, as a second language by 86,,, and as a third language by 38,, However, in the s a Gaeltacht Quarter was established in Belfast to drive inward investment as a response to a notable level of public interest in learning Irish and the expansion of Irish-medium education predominantly attended by children whose home language is English since the s. Ethnologue, ISO Country Names ISO , ISO Languages Names ISO , and others. More signal - less NOISE. When you go abroad, don't think you go in a conquered territory.

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But even if you're lazy or just flat out inept with languages, there are still quite a few places you can get away with speaking only English without looking like a complete idiot abroad. However the actual point to this is that people were very helpful and you'll manage to get around. I've also noticed when traveling in Asia could be true in Europe Retrieved 2 January After independence in the s there was some attempt to encourage French, which was still the most important European language. When you go abroad, don't think you go in a conquered territory. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. However, more than a million of those 18,, persons provided no information; , did not give information on proficiency, and , were "overseas visitors" who were not asked. It's my opinion and that's why I used the word 'arguably' Well, it is my opinion that you couldn't be further from the truth and that is why I used the expression "Dear God". On 5 November the British and the French declared war on the Ottoman Empire. More than 9 million schoolgoers studied English as a foreign language in — With this, Scotland's position was consolidated within the United Kingdom. English rule expanded in the 16th century by the Tudor conquest of Ireland , leading the Gaelic order to collapse at the start of the 17th century. The following is a list of English -speaking population by country , including information on both native speakers and second-language speakers. All of the above maintains an English-speaking presence on the island. If it is near to classical British English, ok, but if it is a heavy US dialect, please simply speak slowly and clearly. The "total" figure is the number of residents who reported English as one of the languages they knew. However, the EU, the European union of 28 member states has 24 official languages, but in practice only two are used most often:

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